March 6, 2023

March 9th Brings New Games, New DLCs, and New Updates to the Meta Quest Store

March 9th Brings New Games, New DLCs, and New Updates to the Meta Quest Store

What is going on with March 9th? This seemingly random Thursday is loaded with VR content on the Meta Quest store. Like we always say, there's never a dull week in the world of virtual reality and this week is no exception. Read below to find out some of what's coming on March 9th!

Walkabout Mini Golf New DLC - "Upside Town"

One of the premier VR game studios, Mighty Coconut, announced last week that on Thursday March 9th they will be releasing their newest DLC course for Walkabout Mini Golf - "Upside Town". Not much is known about this course yet but judging by the promotional picture they put out and some cryptic upside down tweets, it's a safe guess that this course is upside down. If past DLC's are any indication, this course is going to be a must play and we are going to check it out the moment it drops. You can purchase the DLC for $3.99 when it drops March 9th on Meta Quest and Steam.



Guardians Frontline Launches on the official Meta Quest Store

Last year we reviewed Guardians VR on the podcast as one of the best app lab games we've played. Now on March 9th the game is relaunching on the official Meta Quest store as Guardians Frontline! Keeping the original developers but with Fast Travel Games joining in as the publisher, this game combines FPS elements from the likes of Halo and RTS elements from the likes of Starcraft and combines it all together in VR for a great experience. We are so excited for this one to drop March 9th on the Meta Quest store!


Population: One Goes Free-To-Play on Meta Quest

Starting March 9th, one of the most popular multiplayer games Population: One is going free to play on the Meta Quest store! A huge drop from the $29.99 price tag it's currently rocking. The developers Big Box VR announced that all previous owners will receive an $80 valued "Original Banana Bundle" with a plethora of other updates including map changes, weapon tweaks, an enhanced single player mode, rank based matchmaking, graphical updates, and more! You can read more about here!


Peaky Blinders VR

A VR adaptation of the hit Netflix series, this game is stealth launching on the Meta Quest and Pico stores on March 9th. It appears it will follow the narrative of the television show so any fans of the series should be in for a delight. With not much known about this release besides the release date, we are still very excited for this one and will be sure to check it out on release!


Needless to say, this will be a busy week of headset playing! We are so excited for all of these releases and updates. You can also check out the latest Monday Morning News episode of the Ruff Talk VR podcast for more in-depth discussion!