Feb. 28, 2023

Population: One becomes free-to-play starting March 9th!

Population: One becomes free-to-play starting March 9th!

One of the highest rated and most popular multiplayer games in VR is becoming free-to-play starting March 9th on the Meta Quest store! Since launch the game has been $29.99 on the official Meta Quest store. Any players who previously purchased the game will receive the "Original Banana Bundle" which in includes player and gun skins, in game currency, and more. you can view the graphic below for more info. 

There are few VR games we here at Ruff Talk VR love as much as we love Population: One. A virtual reality battle royal game available on the Meta Quest 2 and Steam for PCVR that is made by developers Big Box VR. This was one of the first multiplayer VR games we played on the Meta Quest, and the first that had us absolutely hooked for months on end. The game puts players into squads of 3 in a battle royal to be the last squad remaining. We have reviewed and featured Population: One on numerous episodes of the Ruff Talk VR podcast.

Originally released in October 2020, Big Box was then purchased by Meta in 2021. Big Box didn't just take the money and run, instead they came with a constant flow of gameplay tweaks, new game modes, new guns, new skins, and more - proving why Population: One is one of the most popular and high quality multiplayer experiences in VR.

With a price tag of $29.99 and a marketplace with character skins for sale for real world money, at times it seemed Big Box was double dipping into two different pricing models. This pricing model change will allow an influx of new life in to the game and remove any cost barriers for players, as well will allow the team to fully commit to the in-game purchases business model. A win for all.

Its not just pricing model changes coming either. Big Box also announced their 2023 roadmap which includes a revamped single player mode, the return of the original map, graphics improvements, sandbox mode updates, and more! Check out the graphic below for more info and also check out the full blog post from the Big Box team about all the changes coming!


We are definitely excited to check out all the upcoming changes including the in-game activity once the pricing model change takes effect March 9th. I'm expecting some packed lobbies! In the meantime, check out some of our podcast episodes featuring Population: One below!