Nov. 30, 2022

What the Bat Review

What the Bat Review
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On this episode of Ruff Talk VR our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus breakdown and review What the Bat! A hilarious new game available now on the official Meta Quest store and made by developers Triband! This game takes you through the life of someone with baseball bats for hands. With over 100 levels, a hilarious theme throughout the game, and a feel good atmosphere, this game is great for all ages. Listen for our full thoughts and our final rating!


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What the Bat Store Link:

Store Description:

A wise man once said: If all you have are bats for hands, everything feels like a baseball.

From the creators of WHAT THE GOLF? comes a silly VR game about navigating life with baseball bats for hands. Swing your way through over 100 levels of batting, cooking, shooting, smashing, parking, painting, pickling, petting, and WHATnot.

Experience fully immersive silliness in a first-person experience like no other!

- 100+ unique levels of physical comedy and craziness!
- Wholesome original soundtrack!
- Pet a dog, pickle a tractor, and take selfies with The Selfie Bat!
- The expected playtime is 4 hours, but remember to take breaks (too much VR can drive you batty)

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