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Ruff Talk VR

This was a first-time experience for me. I do not recall listening to a podcast before. This was an interesting description of tennis by two well-informed observers. I have previously played tennis, and have watched tennis on TV, and this podcast presented an accurate review of tennis and made the game as available on VR seem like a viable alternative. The price appears reasonable. A fair description of s VR game.

Great Oculus Quest 2 coverage!

A fun podcast where a father and son team up to discuss and review a variety of games on the Oculus Quest 2. The easy banter, deep insight and common opinions they share between each other just goes to show how close a father can be to his son. Do I think you'll love the show? 100%

Get Your Niche Quest Coverage Here

Stumbled across these guys’ pod yesterday while hunting for Demeo coverage, and ended up consuming the whole back catalogue in the last 24 hours…while playing Demeo. Love that they’re focusing on Quest 2 releases only, an underrepresented (I think, anyhow) subset of the VR space. Thanks dudes! - Josh, Imperial Scrolls of Honor Podcast dude

Enjoyable Niche Podcast

Enjoyable deep dives into Quest game reviews with a surprising number of developer interviews. Not many podcasts for this niche, so this was a pleasant find. Like many game review sites, I’d tweak the rating system (if a game is just OK, just average, I believe it should be a 5/10, not a 7/10), and I feel the hosts could expand their library a bit. For example, Madrid Noir is great, but not the only interactive VR experience (try Wolves in the Walls or The Line). Rodent People: Origins is alright, but not the only VR escape room / puzzler (try The Room VR, I Expect You to Die, Floor Plan 2, etc). The hosts have scratched the surface in these genres, and often mention the same examples, but would do well to branch out. Overall, great listen, and I typically move their new episodes to the top of my podcast queue.

Great Oculus podcast!

Thanks for the great podcast. My nephew and I are always looking for new multiplayer games for the Oculus. Love your reviews and your enthusiasm for the platform in general. We feel the same!

Love it!!

Love the Podcast!! Keep them coming!! 😊❤️😊


Great job in describing the game! I felt like I was actually seeing it because of the detailed descriptions. The hosts have such great chemistry, and it makes it fun to listen to! Found the rating system fair and helpful! Keep it up!