July 6, 2022

Wands Alliances Review

Wands Alliances Review

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus breakdown and review Wands Alliances! A high paced new 3v3 competitive magic dueling game made by Cortopia Studios and available now on the official meta Quest store! With custom loadouts, unlockable characters, unlockable spells, and fun gameplay mechanics requiring teamwork, this has potential to be one of the best team based games on the store! Listen for our full review, breakdown, and final score!

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Wands Alliances Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3637780062900902

Store Description:

Wands Alliances is a 3v3, competitive, team-based, multiplayer VR gaming experience where players engage in fast-paced magic duels. Select your class, choose your spells, and take the fight to the streets. Taste sweet victory by completing your team’s objectives or eliminating the opposing team. But duck and dodge too slowly, and the only thing you’ll be eating are fireballs.

A mysterious magical substance powers civilization, and fuels the fight between good and evil. Six wielders endowed with skills and mastery of wand combat take sides and battle to the death in a contest of speed and strategy. 

Wands Alliances is the spiritual successor to the original VR magic duelling experience, Wands. In Alliances, tactical teleportation is used to traverse levels and dynamic movement make this a VR experience that will challenge seasoned duelists, and unlock the hidden talents of the wizard within.

Magical mayhem awaits!

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