Ruff Talk VR Podcast Clip - Ryan Engle Announces Next Golf+ DLC Course "Valhalla" will be FREE!

On our latest episode of the Ruff Talk VR podcast, our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus sat down and talked in depth with Golf+ creator and CEO, Ryan Engle.

Ryan broke the news to our guests that the next DLC course, Valhalla, will be completely free for all users who've purchased the game already! Be sure to check out our full podcast interview with Ryan Engle for more news about the future of Golf+!




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Valhalla Golf Club, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is a private golf club designed by Jack Nicklaus, opened in 1986. In 1992, Valhalla was selected to host the PGA Championship in the year 1996, one of golf's four majors. The following year, the PGA of America purchased a 25% interest in the club.

Store Link:

Store Description:

***QUEST 2 ONLY***
We're really sorry, but the full course update will only work on the Quest 2.

Full Course Update Includes:
- Modern clubhouse with media player
- Range and practice area
- Cliffs, our ocean side 18 hole course
- Wolf Creek, located in Mesquite, Nevada (IAP)
- Callaway golf clubs

GOLF+ is the ultimate VR Golf experience. Play real world courses with friends, hangout at Topgolf for a night of music and games, or enjoy our epic putting courses with Pro Putt.

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Throw on some music and smash some drives at this one of a kind Topgolf venue! Join public games or host your own private lounge where you and 7 of your friends can hang out for hours. Want some sun? Enjoy our epic Pro Putt putting courses!

- All your favorite Topgolf games
- Multiplayer
- Various Topgolf venue games like corn hole
- Beautiful putting courses to help you escape
- Competition to match your skill level
- Achievements and leaderboards for bragging rights!

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