Sept. 21, 2022


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On this episode of Ruff Talk VR our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus breakdown and review MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE! A VR roguelite shooter available now on the official Meta Quest store developed and published by Terrible Posture Games Inc! This game features intense high pace combat with a very unique weapon crafting system that makes no two runs the same and always leave you wanting to do another run. With single player and multiplayer, this game has snuck up as one of our new favorites!  Listen now for our final thoughts and rating!

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MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE is a frantic VR FPS roguelite where players craft powerful hand-held weapons and struggle to survive—er defeat—the MOTHERGUNSHIP.

"Incredibly well-made roguelite shooter with a tight loop and innovative mechanics. Its fun, gripping gameplay makes it one of the best VR shooters out there.” —Android Central

Survive the MOTHERGUNSHIP’s metal minions and earn gun parts to add to your weapon, easily picking them up and snapping them into place in VR. You’ll choose from a wild array of distinct gun parts and upgrades like chainguns, railguns, and pizza launchers (yes, explosive pizzas) to forge hell-ish combinations. Design your weapon, then destroy the MOTHERGUNSHIP fleet as alien machines, explosive traps, metal pests, and deadly bosses do everything they can to blast you and your weapon back to square one. 

"One of the best VR bullet-hell games I’ve experienced..." —cogconnected

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