March 27, 2023

Monday Morning News - PAX East 2023 Recap, New Games Announced, Oculus Name Remains, and More!

Monday Morning News - PAX East 2023 Recap, New Games Announced, Oculus Name Remains, and More!
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On this edition of Monday Morning News have a special edition of the podcast where we do our standard news but also break down and recap our PAX East 2023 experience! But best of all you get to hear us say "Amid Hell" instead of "Amid Evil" about 100 times (sorry about that!) On the news side of things we see new games announced like the new Pixel Ripped and some ports like Kill it With Fire, some new games released with Not For Broadcast VR and Ghost Signal VR, game updates with Zero Caliber: Reloaded, we also see the Oculus name remain, and more. Listen for all the news!

Mondays are dedicated to our series of episodes about the discussion of Virtual Reality (VR) news and interviews with Oculus Quest game developers and others of influence in the VR world.


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