May 13, 2023

Interview with Dan Sivan - Founder of Ayayu Games and Shuttlemaze

Interview with Dan Sivan - Founder of Ayayu Games and Shuttlemaze
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On this episode of Ruff Talk VR our hosts are joined by Dan Sivan, the founder of Ayayu Games! A studio behind Shuttle Maze - a unique top down VR experience on the Meta Quest app lab store. Listen as we get to know Dan, his background, some of the previous work of Ayayu Games, future plans for Shuttle Maze, and more!


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Shuttle Maze Link:

Shuttle Maze Store Description: Step into a retro 80s arcade-inspired game with Shuttle Maze proudly made by Ayayu Games!

The year is 2062 and Glow is trapped by Maze Phreak - a crazy AI, gone wild. Help Glow, the renegade space racing pilot, to get her license back by finding the famous genius AI-computer-scientist, Dr. Harris.

Featuring a rich story line with animated cutscenes and phenomenal voice acting, Shuttle Maze feels like a rich blend of 80s retro arcade and watching your favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

- A bizarre space station ruled by a mad & crazy AI
- Various upgradeable spaceships each with unique stats
- Navigate Glow’s spaceship through mazes using unique mechanics
- Blast your way through enemy bots
- Upgrade your weapons with Dr. Harris' help
- Climb up the leaderboard by perfecting your race times
- Immerse yourself in retro graphics and vibrant beats
- Enjoy motion sickness free gameplay

Recommended for those who like classic games and solving maze puzzles!

It's just a simple in and out mission. NOTHING can go wrong… right??


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