Feb. 27, 2023

Walkabout Mini Golf Announces New DLC "Upside Town" Coming March 9th

Walkabout Mini Golf Announces New DLC

Mighty Coconut, the studio behind Walkabout Mini Golf, announced today their newest DLC course "Upside Town" is coming right around the corner on March 9th. These crazy Coconuts are proving to always be hard at work with this being already their second DLC of 2023, following Atlantis last month. 



The frequency, quality, and innovation in these DLC's is part of the reason why we called them one of VR's AAA studios on this past Monday's podcast episode. Every DLC brings new mini golf course mechanics and graphical showmanship and we expect this next one to be no different. With a name like Upside Town, it's easy to start imagining that this course will be all over the place.

This studio has an all star team with people like Lucas Martell, Edward Felix, and former Disney Imagineer Don Carson (just to name a few), and to say you can feel the passion and innovation in each new course is an understatement.

We are so excited for this DLC course to drop March 9th on the Meta Quest and stay tuned for our review of it! In the meantime, you can listen below to some of our previous episodes featuring Walkabout Mini Golf and interviews with members of the team.