May 13, 2022

New I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home and Fish Under Our Feet teased by Meta during Project Cambria video

New I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home and Fish Under Our Feet teased by Meta during Project Cambria video

This week Meta released a new teaser video showing off a blurred out "Project Cambria", their next virtual reality headset and it's color passthrough mixed reality technology. With a price tag that is being rumored to be more than $800, this upcoming headset is reportedly aimed at business and enterprise uses.

However that didn't stop Meta from sneaking a few gaming teasers into the video. While showing off the color passthrough capabilities of Project Cambria, we were shown some quick glimpses of a couple upcoming projects from some familiar names in the VR world.

First we were shown a quick look at a game titled "Fish Under Our Feet" from developer Resolution Games, the makers of well known VR titles such as Bait! (another VR fishing game), Demeo, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, Cookout, Blaston, and more! Not much was shown about the game itself but it's safe to assume it's a mixed reality fishing game. 

A new mixed reality fishing game by Resolution Games

The other game we were teased is "I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home" made by Schell Games. Another top VR developer with well know titles like the first two I Expect You To Die, Until You Fall, Lost Recipes, it's clear Meta is giving their proven successful developers first access to new features. Not much was shown about this game either, however following the trend of the I Expect You To Die series, it's another safe bet to assume it's a mixed-reality escape room.

A New mixed reality escape room by Schell Games

According to an article by Upload VR, Schell Games said that Home Sweet Home is a one level demo intended as a showcase, but there’s a possibility that it could see wider release in the future. Whether this means the same for Resolution Games' Fish Under Our Feet remains to be seen.

Meta themselves also teased a mixed reality experience they called "The World Beyond" coming to the Meta Quest App Lab store next week.

Although we didn't see much capabilities beyond the mixed reality and color passthrough, or any of the technical specifications, this was a pleasant mid-week surprise. It's interesting to see if Project Cambria does become a business headset, or if we see Meta end up going the direction of gaming.

As a gamer, I welcome the gaming experiences.

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