May 17, 2022

New Faction "The Augur Order" Coming Soon to Cards and Tankards; New "Contracts" Feature

New Faction

Divergent Realities game designer Avid joined Dscruffles and Stratus on the Ruff Talk VR podcast for an interview to talk all about their VR card game, Cards & Tankards, available now on the Meta Quest app lab store.

On the podcast Avid talked about his background in gaming, his role in the development in Cards & Tankards, and also dropped a few tidbits of some upcoming new updates. Including a new faction set to be named "The Augur Order", and a new game feature known as "contracts". 

"The fourth faction is kind of a secret society, very similar to what we think of as the Illuminati. And even the icon for them is kind of iconically based off of a triangle with an eye in it." Avid explain about the new faction

"Each faction has a God that's kind of manipulating that group of people to meet their own objectives. And this fourth faction is the perceptive God. And his ability is kind of observing the current events, all the facts that he sees in current reality. And he can basically quantify the data to create a projected future. And so that kind of term, we were looking into something that would be more representative of that, but also still secret society.

"We felt that that was so closely aligned with what this God does and how the thematic growth of this faction will be. So, The Augur Order sounded like the secret society name we were looking for. And that's the current planned version of the name for that faction. Subject to change because it's not in the game yet, but we're happy with it."

It's clear the developers put a lot of passion in to their work. Players who have played Cards & Tankards know that each faction comes with it's own unique feature. Knowing this, the Ruff Talk VR hosts inquired if there would be any new features coming along with this class.

"We still haven't solidified exactly how it's going to work, but there is something new that's going to be added to the game called contracts or contract spells. The contracts are going to work with a, if this, then that type of statement.

"So it's like, if my opponent has X amount of creatures, then this effect is active. And as long as your opponent continues to have that status met, then your status will continue to be met. But how many contracts can be on the field at once, whether they're gonna be face down, face up for your opponent to see before they're active. All of that is still back down to engineering to figure out how we're going to be able to solve all those things, to make this a reality."

On the podcast Avid also announced that this fourth new faction would be the final faction added to the game.

"Once you add the fourth faction, the total number of decks that can be created has exponential growth as every faction is added. So the total number of decks that a player can even theorize or come up with is just going to be massive. And so from a game balancing perspective, it becomes more and more difficult to balance."

Dscruffles and Stratus praised that this game should be on the official store and not app lab. The hosts inquired if they had any insight in to getting on the official store

"From our end as an indie development studio with this being our first title, we don't have that track record to just instantly be on the quest store.

"There's a lot of proving ourselves in the gaming industry with the game success and everything like that that needs to take place. Getting on the quest store is definitely an objective of ours and we're working towards trying to make that a reality.

"But, the decision obviously is not on us. So  we'll see what happens here in the future. And hopefully we have some big announcements that we'll be making in the discord."

Hopefully this is a game we can one day see on the official Meta Quest store. If you are a fan of card games, you don't want to miss this exciting VR card game! Check out the full podcast interview with Avid below!