Feb. 14, 2023

Meta Quest Update Brings Touch Menus

Meta Quest Update Brings Touch Menus

It's clicky-click time!

v50 on the Public Test Server (PTC) for the Meta Quest went live and with it comes touch menus! To be more specific on the excitement here, the way the menu navigation system works currently on the Meta Quest is a point cursor from the controller that you use to select the menu buttons. With hand-tracking, click is down with a pinch gesture.

The current menu selection with hand-tracking is a pinch gesture


However with this upcoming feature, the menus will be able to be clicked directly with your hands using either the touch controllers or hand tracking.

It's the small things in life.

This discovery was found by Reddit user DeliciousPotato2 who said the feature came after he updated to v50 of the Public Test Server. The majority of use Quest 2 users are still on the v49 software, so in order to get access to the PTC you can follow the steps listed on this Meta support article.

The potential with this is huge for immersion. Imagine natively typing with hand-tracking. No more pinching for selection an option with hand-tracking. On the Reddit post linked above, DeliciousPotato2 said "It works relatively well and with a bit more polish I could see it being better than pointers!" so it appears there's still some technical aspects to improve on, but the potential is clear.

It should be noted too, if you are on the PTC with v50, the feature is listed under "Experimental Settings". As such, don't expect it to be enabled by default when you go to the PTC nor when v50 goes live for everyone. Just visit the experimental settings area (Which has been known to have features pop in and out so it's always worth peaking at) and enable the direct touch panels to start having clicky-click fun! 

You can view the embedded Reddit post discovering this feature below (And give a peak at our recent podcast episodes too!)