Feb. 22, 2023

Gods of Gravity New Co-op Update Inspired by Ruff Talk VR Interview

Gods of Gravity New Co-op Update Inspired by Ruff Talk VR Interview

Gods of Gravity - a free to play real time strategy VR game on the official Meta Quest store - released a huge new free update last week which brought some quality of life improvements but most notably added a new co-op mode and campaign to go along with it featuring 15 unique co-op designed missions. This builds off of the previous update last month which added a "3 star" rating to the singleplayer campaign missions and difficulty options - easy, normal and hard. Clearing the mission on easy is one star, normal gets 2 stars, and clearing the hard mode awards you 3 stars.

This game just graduated from the App Lab store to the official Meta Quest store this past January and already the development team has clearly been hard at work. 

The Ruff Talk VR hosts had the opportunity to interview the 3-person team behind this game - Steven, Nathan, and Jack - who late in the podcast interview took the opportunity to flip the script on the hosts and ask a few questions of their own, including any additional features or changes they would like to see added to the game. Ruff Talk VR hosts Dscruffles and Stratus thought of a few minor improvements, including a more fleshed-out co-op mode and 3 star ratings to add to the replayability.

With the time between the interview and the update with these features, our hosts had assumed that these updates must have already been in the works prior to the update.

They were wrong.

Said via Twitter, Gods of Gravity developer Jack confirmed with the Ruff Talk VR podcast that the 3 star ratings and the co-op mode was not even in the works yet prior to the interview and that inspired the update. That means this interview inspired the update and that these incredibly talented developers were able to get it from idea thought bubble to a live update in the game in about a month. That is incredible! Great work from the team.

Check out the full Ruff Talk VR interview below with Jack, Nathan, and Steve from Trass Games, the developers of Gods of Gravity, to hear all the fun!