March 25, 2022

App Lab - Escape Room: Bank Robbery Gone Wrong Review

App Lab - Escape Room: Bank Robbery Gone Wrong Review

On this episode of our App Lab series focusing on games that are on the hidden store hidden in the Oculus Store called App Lab, our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus breakdown and review the Virtual Reality (VR) game Escape Room: Bank Robbery Gone Wrong! Made by developers Vasil4N, this game proves why we love escape rooms and app lab so much. Listen for our full review, breakdown, and final score!

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As a subject of a virtual test you have been transferred into a world where you are a customer of a robbed bank. Left alone and locked you must gather all of your abilities to get out of that space which is full of secrets. You have no one to help you except your own wit. Can you solve all riddles and escape?

One of the genres for which VR is perfectly suitable is the Escape Room. Dive into this experience and enjoy the capabilities of your VR Headset in this indie game that should take you around 90 minutes to finish without counting the bonus content.

After finishing the game a new game mode is unlocked - Speedrun. Try your best and publish your results to compete with your friends or the community worldwide.

Bonus content was mentioned? Expect 3 additional rooms to be added to the game in 2022. Those will be like small mini games independent from the main experience.

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