Dec. 1, 2021

App Lab - Arcaxer

App Lab - Arcaxer

In the ninth episode of our App Lab series focusing on games that are on the hidden store hidden in the Oculus Store called App Lab, our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus breakdown and review the Virtual Reality (VR) turn-based RPG, Arcaxer! Made by developers Overrun Games and published by Well Played Studios, Arcaxer brings a completely innovative and unique experience to the Oculus Quest. Normally our app lab episodes drop on Fridays, however this game is so polished and belongs on the store so much that we are just going to treat it as an official store game.

 Featuring a top-down "God view" mode and first person combat requiring you to physically dodge your opponents attacks, 4 different character classes, a variety of player attacks known as "Hax", a large variety of enemies, and an engaging storyline, Arcaxer is a gem o the store! Listen for our full review, breakdown, and final score!

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Arcaxer is a turn based VR RPG with first person action oriented combat, and a 3rd person god-view overworld set in a sci-fi simulation filled with colorful AI characters.

In the overworld you will explore procedural dungeons to find equips and new abilities for your character. You can access the hub world to interact with NPC's and buy new items with the credits that you earn in the dungeon.

Even though combat is turn based you must dodge enemy attacks with your body, and aim and time your own attacks with gestures. Can you make it to the top of "The Stack"?

Player Classes Choose fighter, thief, or mage to drastically change which abilities you learn as you level up your character.

Fighter: A class with a focus on physical attacks
Mage: A class with a focus on Hax, the game's special abilities.
Thief: A class with wildcard abilities that can change the tide of battle.

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