April 18, 2022

Monday Morning Coffee - Interview with Vermillion creator Thomas van den Berge

Monday Morning Coffee - Interview with Vermillion creator Thomas van den Berge

On this episode of Ruff Talk VR our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus interview Thomas Van den Berge, creator of the virtual reality (VR) painting simulator Vermillion, available now on the official Meta Quest store! Vermillion was the first app to receive perfect scores from both of our hosts. Listen as we discover if Thomas paints in real life, his background in programming and how it lead to VR painting, the future of Vermillion, and more!

Monday Morning Coffee is our series of episodes dedicated to discussion of Virtual Reality (VR) news and interviews with Oculus Quest game developers and others of influence in the VR world.

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Vermillion Store Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4900967296622279/

Store Description:

If you've ever watched a painter at work, you've undoubtedly felt the urge to try it for yourself. But getting an easel and expensive supplies is a serious commitment. Vermillion brings professional painting equipment into your own room, using Passthrough. If you need some time off from the real world (who doesn't?), you can immerse yourself in your painting session by disappearing into one of the studio environments.

You can paint seated, standing, or even lying down. Use the floating web browser to learn to paint alongside your favorite artists on YouTube, or project reference photos on the canvas.

Vermillion features realistic wet-on-wet color mixing, undo, layers, and a wide range of simulated brushes. Developed with the feedback of both traditional and digital artists, you're sure to get the fun of oil painting without any of the frustration. 

Once done, share your masterpiece directly on Facebook as an image. Or, create a beautifully varnished 3D model export for your VR home.

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