March 2, 2023

Guardians Frontline Hits the Meta Quest Store March 9th!

Guardians Frontline Hits the Meta Quest Store March 9th!

Last year we reviewed a game we discovered on the Meta Quest app lab store - Guardians VR developed by Virtual Age - and instantly fell in love with it. We gave it a great review on our podcast (which you should check out too!) and noted at the time that it was in the process of being relaunched on the official Meta Quest store as Guardians Frontline, with Fast Travel Games joining in as the new publisher. The wait is coming to an end and on March 9th the game is officially re-launching on the Meta Quest store and on PCVR!

We often joke on the podcast that Fast Travel Games is named as such because they will get you game on the official store, fast. Fast Travel has become one of the premier publishing names in the world of VR due to their ability to push forward games like Guardians and We Are One, as well as their own in-house titles such as Cities: VR

Guardians Frontline takes the best of two genres in combining elements of first person shooters and real time strategy games, easily labeled as a love letter to Halo and Starcraft. The game features a singleplayer mode, a cooperative multiplayer mode, and a PVP mode. The combination of strategic base building, fun gun mechanics, and replayable co-op modes had us hooked. To say we are excited for the release on March 9th is an understatement! Stay tuned for our review of Guardians Frontline and in the meantime give listen to our previous Guardians VR podcast review!