Nov. 26, 2021

App Lab - Jentrix

App Lab - Jentrix

In the eighth episode of our App Lab series focusing on games that are on the hidden store hidden in the Oculus Store called App Lab, our hosts Dscruffles and Stratus breakdown and review the Virtual Reality (VR) puzzle board game Jentrix! Made by developers Spheroom Limited, Jentrix is a puzzle game combining Jenga and Match 3 mechanics. With colorful and vibrant visuals, a plethora of levels, and realistic physics, this is a great family friendly game.  Listen for our full review, breakdown, and final score!

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Jentrix is a Virtual Reality board game that combines the best of Jenga and Match 3 mechanics. 
In Jentrix you have to travel across colorful locations and dismantle cube fruit towers just like in the classic Jenga. But everything is not so simple – the fruits fall down and form a high tower. Move the fruits, rearrange them, collect "Three in a row" and they will disappear! 
Your goal is to prevent the tower from growing to its limit or falling apart. Jentrix offers 3 levels of difficulty in each location, after passing which a passage to the next one opens. 

Key features: 
- Match 3 mechanics 
- Realistic physics interactions 
- Relaxing and meditative experience 
- 14 different locations 
- Support MRC
Falling fruits and fragile towers make Jentrix a unique and unforgettable VR adventure!

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